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Computer Builder,I am a computer builder, am able to build new or used computers. Repair, fix and build custom windows computers. Been building windows computers for over a decade now. I have sold many custom office, personal or gaming computers online. I love building a computer and put it to good use. All the computer’s that I build; are unique. A windows PC is a very great tool for office work or just entertainment.

Computer Investments

Why should you invest on a good computer? A custom unique fast computer? There are many different parts out there. I only choose the best brands for all computer builds. Build them with precision and make sure that you will have a computer for the longest time. I choose and pick the best parts for your brand new computers. I do not like to build slow and ugly computers, only the best and nice computer cases.

Computers on sale

You will not be disappointed with any of my computers. Yes – my computers are on sale all over the web including here on this website. Just go and see my online store and purchase a computer. Get i shipped delivered to your door steps via UPS or USPS. I will put insurance on all computers while shipping out to you. I have had computers arrived broken to a customer before. So I just have to protect our investment, insurance will be included on the shipping costs.

What is so special about a computer? What to see when purchasing a new or used computer. Here is a list of what to see first:

  • CPU Processor – research what is the best processor out there, is it Quad core i7 i5 i3 AMD or Intel? Just get online and search processors and you will see what is trending right now. You will also see prices and reviews plus comparisons. Get educated about why processor is the most important part of a computer. A processor can cost from $100 to $2,000.
  • Motherboard – What type of Motherboard does it have? is it good enough for you? There are gaming motherboards and just for home or business. The gaming MOBO will be the most pricey. You need to make sure that all components fit and match other components. You can’t just buy parts and put them together. Need to review if parts are compatible to one another. Read more about a motherboard online and see what else you can learn.
  • RAM Memory, your computer will move faster with more memory. Memory sticks need to be compatible with your motherboard. DDR, DRR2, DDR3, DDR4 they all have different voltage and will fit only on the motherboard that are designed for them.
  • Gaming Video Cards – This could be number 1 or 2 for a gamer. They mostly see the Processor and Video Card in order to play games. They need the RAM too plus a good motherboard. So in reality they see most of the components to see if it will run their graphics games. A good Video card is required for gaming. Home or office computers don’t need and expensive video card.

Computer Spec’s Continues

  • Hard Drive Capacity SATA? Yes SATA is today’s trend, plus Solid state or normal HD. I really like the solid stated SSD Hard Drives because they are faster. Everything is quicker but don’t have the data allocation that is needed. Normal HD has more space vs a solid state drive. I would install a SSD drive and a normal HD slave as a 1 Terabyte or even more.
  • DVD Drives would be the last, there many different prices for the DVD RW, I really not a fan of high priced DVD RW, just a simple inexpensive drive is OK for me. I don’t require any high performance drives. It is your call though, depending on what you are creating and doing.
  • CPU Fans – I am not a big fan of CPU fans, just a normal fan would do. But there are really nice one’s out there. If I am building a gaming computer then I would buy a nice CPU fan and install. This will keep your CPU processor nice and cool. It is needed when you are playing those games daily. If is a normal computer then a normal CPU fan will do. There are liquid CPU’s too, I haven’t built one yet, but maybe in the future. Gaming computers are the ideal candidates for this.
A fast Computer is just too nice
  • Power Supply – This one depends on your computer. If you are going to install lots of components; then you can install a high performance power supply. A power supply is the component that gives electricity to all components on a PC. A gaming computer maybe 700 Watts and up, make sure it does have SATA connectors and other important connectors. Make sure it has sufficient power for all your components.
  • Computer Case – A computer case sometimes is very important. I don’t like plain computer cases. My cases need to be nice and have lots of fans. A case needs to have lights and a see through window. This is my opinion when it comes to computer cases. There are nice cases out there that sometimes we are not able to afford. If you are into gaming then you might want to have a nice computer case. This all depends on your needs, it is your call! My call is a nice computer case with lights and see through. That makes it look nicer plus it has a nice cooling system. You need to look for the cooling system on a case. If it has many fans then is a go. Openings and fans plus a CPU fan cooler.

Windows PC?

Last one I think is the Operating system? The operation system needs to be activated. Look for activation because this means that you will get all future updates. This can be Windows or Apple. Windows 7 Pro. and Windows 10 Pro. I think are the best to my opinion. I never had a Mac so I don’t l know about Apple? Most people like a Mac, But i build Windows so I have no need for a Mac. I can do everything I need with a Windows computer.

Plus all other software might be good too, this is the way that the computer will work for you. You will be able to do productivity or entertainment. Antivirus software should be good too, plus security software so it can protect your investment. I also fix and repair computer infected with virus.

Purchase a Computer

I think that is about it for me, This list I think is great and would help you when purchasing a computer. If you are looking for a computer and want to invest on something that will work for you. A computer that will last you a long time. This computer will be one of the best investment you will ever make, I guarantee. All computer’s that I have built, have lasted a long time.

I am here to help you with all your computer needs, just contact me and see what I can help you with. Check out my online store to see the latest computers and other great product’s there. Buy with confidence, my website is SSL protected, meaning your credit card transaction is safe here.


I give 30 money back guaranteed if your computer goes wrong. It needs to be in the same condition as I sent. Or repair or fix at a no costs to you. This will need to be inspected prior to refund or repair. I give this 30 day warranty or refund so you can be sure that you are buying something in perfect working condition. I am located in Spotsylvania VA 22408. Please see my contact form or home page for contact info. A computer can be very valuable, it will help you solve problems, make everything easier for you.

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