• Yesterday I went back to planet fitness and I got on the treadmill and did one hour no stop running. I did speed of 4 and up without any breaks, it was a good day of cardio exercise. Feeling good that I am still doing this and one month has passed. I say this because I already paid the monthly fee. It is a great feeling doing exercise, now I have…Read More
  • I also think that I have to change the way I eat, I don’t think I am losing any lbs? Have to eat healthier and less I think. If still eating the same then I think body is just going to be just muscle. Would like to lose some weight too. Have to eat less and healthier in order to accomplish this.
  • Yesterday I did go to planet fitness again and did another full body exercise and also some inclining on the treadmill, I really enjoy going to the gym, I went about 10am till 12. I love one of the machines there, will post a pic of it. I am doing more weights every-time I go and I feel stronger. I guess no pain no gain huh? I am here waiting till…Read More
  • Planet Fitness is my greatest choice I have made till now! A great day of exercise yesterday, just waiting to the next time I go. I did 2 hours non stop and for the first time I took my earphones and listened to some music. It is better when you listen to music and do exercise.
  • A great way to do exercise and get your fitness going.
    I feel good with this membership because it is just great do be back on my fitness goals and feel better. Feeling good that I am doing this. I did 3 reps of everything I did, then I did do real heavy of what I was doing.
  • Yesterday I went again to Planet Fitness and wow it was super crowded. There were so many people doing exercise that I was amazed? I am not sure why or how? There was not plenty of machines free so I had to rotate around to see where I could do some exercise. I did a full body exercise again, felt good afterwards.
    I feel that I am stronger and…Read More
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  • Yesterday visited planet fitness again, did a good running on the treadmill for one hour. Did 35 minutes as a start up started at speed 4 and each minute incrementing but one point all the way to the speed of 6. Had a water brake and did another 25 minutes, did incline from 0 to 10 each minute incrementing and then going down to where was the…Read More
  • Did a 2 hour total, the rest of the time I did some bicycle about 20 minutes and another 10 minute running at a speed of 5, the running felt a lot better and tiring. It was a good workout.
  • Exercise is going good, been doing an hour straight, for the chest, abs, shoulders and back, now took a 5 minute break getting some water, will go back soon for another 40 minutes
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  • I am at planet fitness ready for another full upper and lower body exercise, starting here again, will see how it goes!
  • I am done for the day, did two hours non stop full body exercise and feeling good, I will post next time I go. I am seeing results but not losing weight till now!
  • This planet fitness is going good today, doing lots and feeling stronger and doing more, I will keep going cause it makes me feel good!
  • Planet fitness is good! I am still here sweating and have done lots of exercise and feeling good, I still feel energized. I think I still weigh the same, I guess I am just doing muscles? And stronger and feeling better! I won’t lie I been eating a lot still, no diet whatsoever.
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