• Last time I Visited Planet Fitness was about 3 weeks ago. Why? Because of the Coronavirus, it is better to stay safe vs to be sorry. I have been taking all the precautions that I could had ever take. Planet Fitness was shut down yesterday and they will not charge us for the closures. I am happy that they have closed because human life is more…Read More

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  • Today I am at planet fitness lifting weights again, a full body work out

  • I was here at planet fitness the 14th or the 15th can’t remember that good, I did a full boy work out, I am here again doing the same

  • Yesterday I visited planet fitness and didn’t want to do the exercise, I did not feel motivated at all! I went up the treadmill and started to run on it. I did one hour non stop and the lowest speed was 4. I was sweating like crazy and felt good after it.

    I finished running and did 20-30 minutes on some exercise machines. I did a lot of w…Read More

  • Yesterday went to planet fitness again. Did 40 minutes non stop on the treadmill and 20 minutes walking increasing one by one up the hill and then going down from number 10, here is a image

  • Yesterday visited Planet Fitness once again. Did another one hour no stop of treadmill running on it. Was a great exercise, then I went to do another 25 minutes of arm biceps and was good energized and ready. It does feel good to still be on board. Exercising feels good and is not easy at all. You need to be dedicated cause sometime I don’t feel…Read More

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  • Yesterday I did visit planet fitness, wow it was super crowded, I don’t like when is so crowded but oh well. I made the best of it! I didn’t feel the need to exercise but I know I had to. So I did about 1:45 minutes non stop, I took maybe about 10 minutes I total of brake throughout my exercise routine.

    I did a good full body work out aga…Read More

  • Yesterday I went to planet fitness and did another 2 hours of non stop exercise. I did a full body exercise again. Using machines for arms, abs, legs, shoulders and just entire body. It was a very extensive exercise. I feel every time I visit I have more strength. It is good to visit a weight lifting fitness place!

  • Yesterday I went back to planet fitness and I got on the treadmill and did one hour no stop running. I did speed of 4 and up without any breaks, it was a good day of cardio exercise. Feeling good that I am still doing this and one month has passed. I say this because I already paid the monthly fee. It is a great feeling doing exercise, now I have…Read More

  • I also think that I have to change the way I eat, I don’t think I am losing any lbs? Have to eat healthier and less I think. If still eating the same then I think body is just going to be just muscle. Would like to lose some weight too. Have to eat less and healthier in order to accomplish this.

  • Yesterday I did go to planet fitness again and did another full body exercise and also some inclining on the treadmill, I really enjoy going to the gym, I went about 10am till 12. I love one of the machines there, will post a pic of it. I am doing more weights every-time I go and I feel stronger. I guess no pain no gain huh? I am here waiting till…Read More

  • Planet Fitness is my greatest choice I have made till now! A great day of exercise yesterday, just waiting to the next time I go. I did 2 hours non stop and for the first time I took my earphones and listened to some music. It is better when you listen to music and do exercise.

  • A great way to do exercise and get your fitness going.
    I feel good with this membership because it is just great do be back on my fitness goals and feel better. Feeling good that I am doing this. I did 3 reps of everything I did, then I did do real heavy of what I was doing.

  • Yesterday I went again to Planet Fitness and wow it was super crowded. There were so many people doing exercise that I was amazed? I am not sure why or how? There was not plenty of machines free so I had to rotate around to see where I could do some exercise. I did a full body exercise again, felt good afterwards.
    I feel that I am stronger and…Read More

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  • Yesterday visited planet fitness again, did a good running on the treadmill for one hour. Did 35 minutes as a start up started at speed 4 and each minute incrementing but one point all the way to the speed of 6. Had a water brake and did another 25 minutes, did incline from 0 to 10 each minute incrementing and then going down to where was the…Read More

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