WordPress Updating Issues

WordPress Updating Issues

WordPress Updating Issues, have you ever had issues and problems updating your website? have had this issue too much now. Not sure why some WordPress website have failed updating. I have had a couple of different things to get them updated. It is very inconvenient when your site doesn’t want to update. Why do you need to update? a WordPress website needs to update because it helps against intruders with security and new system files and options. Your plugins and themes also need to be up to date. You will need to update all plugins and themes and keep up to date with all WordPress updates.

I have had many different error issues that I had to fix in the past month. Sometimes one plugin doesn’t work or supposed to be doing what it’s supposed to do. Many different issues and headaches and problem solving. One big tip that I will share with you is to go to your php version in your CPanel and click see all errors. There you will see all errors when you are trying to deploy your site. It will tell you which plugin is doing the damage to your site. Sometimes it will not tell you; then you will have bigger headaches.

There are many different ways when solving WordPress Updating Issues. Sometimes you need to use your common sense and experience. Last week I had an issue where none of my links worked. Your website is not a website if any of your links work. I had to diagnose there with the PHP version show errors but didn’t give me any errors. I had to use my experience and troubleshoot by common sense. It seems that something or something erased a code on my HTACCESS file. Then I went online and searched for that code and paste it on my htaccess file and boom it fixed all my links.

One Code Can Damage Entire Website

One little code can ruin your entire site, one page can damage your entire site. I have spent days, hours diagnosing and fixing websites. I have always succeeded though, all my hard work has given me experience on website design and repairing. Contact me if you are having any website issues, I am able to help you with a custom quote. I am here at your services for any web hosting, graphic design or web design, your webmaster when needed.

WordPress Updating Issues can be fixed by many different options, expertise, experience, diagnosing one by one (Plugins), Keeping all your themes and WordPress Updates and all plugins. Please visit cloudxwebhosting.com if you are in need of a powerful cloud web hosting or website design and even a domain name. Please register at my site for a social profile so you can stay connected and meet others.