WordPress Website Sub Domain Mapping Domain Name Multi Site

WordPress Website Sub Domain Mapping Domain Name Multi Site

WordPress Website Sub Domain Mapping Domain Name Multi Site – I need to write about this because I would like to have it here recorded just in case. Maybe you are looking for some good info. and can help you with your domain mapping website. The website that I configured to work properly and is good with domain mapping is xyzwebmatrix.com

You can register there and have your domain mapped to a sub domain name. This way you own your full website and you don’t need to worry about all the configurations. WordPress Website Sub Domain Mapping Domain Name Multi Site installations and making it work.

Very important information on how to do this and get it accomplished. There are many steps you need to do. You need to install a plugin that really works. Don’t give up cause it does work. You just need to install and configure it good. WordPress MU Domain Mapping

Installation Domain Mapping

Go ahead and download and follow all the instructions there. If you do all of it correctly now you have to follow some steps. I tried it one time about 5 years ago and couldn’t do it, did indeed gave up at that time. Went ahead and tried about a year ago and I was successful in getting it done. The issue was that I wasn’t using the same server or I wasn’t pointing it correctly with the DNS.

How To Do It

You need to add the domain name to your web hosting account where you have root files. create a DNS  value pointing to that server IP where the main website is located. Need to configure the domain mapping values with correct values. When you add the domain name you need to link it to the root folder of the main site. The DNS of your main site, I have a DNS record with the sub domain value.

The domain name I have it on the same server with the main site. This is the best way to do it, so for example; You will need to purchase the domain name with same company where the main site is. You may purchase one at sjmwebhosting.com and use it with xyzwebmatrix.com


Buy the domain there and use it with that website with domain mapping. It is best to have everything on one server. On the main website I have a sub domain DNS record and domain name record. This way they are both connected. It does work because sjmsigns.com is inside as a sub domain name on xyzwebmatrix.com.

WordPress Sites

It takes some time to make it work, WordPress Website Sub Domain Mapping Domain Name Multi Site is sometimes hard to have it configured correctly. Never give up on it cause it does work. I just wanted to share with you cause I know it works.

Just follow the steps on the plugin and buy the domain names and main site files on the same server and you’re all set. If you need any help you can contact me but I have a service fee. You need to have a multi website all up and running in order to create this. Have sub domain names configured correctly like name . selvinmelendez.com. You need to have a wild card set up to your domain in order for the multi site to work.

SSL Wildcards

If you have https:// you need to have Wild Card SSL Certificate installed. SSL Wildcard Certificate costs money once a year plan.

I hope with this you can get it working.

WordPress Website Sub Domain Mapping Domain Name Multi Site