Buying Motherboards Video Cards risking it buying used

Buying Motherboards Video Cards

Buying Motherboards Video Cards – should you or shouldn’t you buy a used MOBO? I have purchased used motherboards in the past but will not buy it anymore. It’s a big risk that we go through when buying a used mobo. I have had great experiences in the past but recently I was very dissapointed. I will not buy another used motherboard anymore because there are some people out there that are not 100% legit! I don’t do this, if a part is not working or has issues I let people know because I don’t like to lie to anyone or rip them off.

If the part is not working and is ready for the trash, please throw it in the trash. There is no one that wants to pay money and buy your trash. I bought a Motherboard online with letgo APP. I think letgo APP should have a better user security measure and don’t allow people selling trash. I bought from this person a used motherboard, 2 sticks or ram, a hard drive and a CPU processor. Good thing the processor is good and working great. The motherboard spent hours trying to fix, I even purchased some new ram. I am not sure if the RAM had to do with it not working too.

Bad Computer MOBO Experience

I couldn’t get it to work with the RAM the lady provided. I installed everything good and din’t work properly so I received the new RAM and went ahead and installed. The mobo did turned on now and gave me about 8 beeps! The 8 continuous beeps was that the video of the motherboard is corrupted. So I went ahead and installed a Video Card and boot up and working good. The people who sold me this motherboard said all was working perfectly. That was not the case, good thing I diagnose and try to repair myself. Good thing that it worked with the video card.

The computer now is working great and like new. But somehow they knew it was damaged and not working so they decided to sell it. The person who sold this mobo didn’t have a clue how to fix it. I would suggest to be a honest person, so from now on I think I can only buy from eBay. Used parts from eBay because there you at lest can get your money back. Being dishonest just makes you look bad and one day you could pay for all that, I think they call it Karma?

Honesty #1 Greatness

Honesty I think makes you feel good, I feel good being a good and honest person. Helping other’s is a great thing too, not ripping and taking advantage of others! I could put the person’s profile link here but I will not because that is just not me. I just want to express my opinion and my bad experience. Buying Used Motherboards will only make us waste time and $$$ and headaches.

I will recommend you to buy NVidia used or new online or at a retail store. Also I had only good experiences buying used components on E Bay, I recommend E Bay too. I had some bad parts arrived defective but sellers have worked it out with me. If you need to create and help you build your Windows gaming computer please hire me, I can help you online or in person in the DMV area.


I also purchased a Video Card last week on Ebay. A gaming video card at a great low price. I had the same bad experience to this mobo. The Video Card was damaged and didn’t work. I almost messed up my computers and driver’s because something was wrong. I spent 5 days to fix my computer’s after I removed the card. I contacted the eBay seller and refunded my money back. He said to not send the Video Card to him because he didn’t want to spend the shipping $$$. That makes me think he knew it was damaged.

Used Items Risks

We have to take risks with used component’s I guess. But just be careful out there, I will not buy used parts that much anymore because spend a lot more time trying to fix and lose time and $$$ that way. Buying Used Motherboards is a big risk to take.

I am a computer builder and repair and fix computers in Fredericksburg VA, 22408 – Contact me if you need my services. Try to stay away from buying online with people where they just sell from their home’s to you. Where you can’t do anything to return it, bad experiences that I won’t experience again.