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  • Joel

    10 months ago
    I want to share this wbsite today that I think is very important for people who want to add a adwords code to a TPL file in WHMCS. This should also help me in the future because today I was trying to implement this coded on a TPL file and all failed. I guess we will need to add a Literal tag {} and replace the existing ones. The existing ones are with brackets and there was no way to make them work. I think this is real important and I will try it later on when I have more free time.

    Google adwords I think is a great platform to advertise but needs to be done correctly; if not there will be major $$$ wasted without any ROI.

    Plus here is a coupon for you for adword advertising. If you spend $50 then you get $100 credit. Just to try it out I guess.
    [bpfb_link url=’’ title=’Adwords conversion tracking code is not working – Developer Corner – WHMCS.Community’ image=”]Hello, Does anyone had problems using adwords conversion tracking code + cloudflare + whmcs ? We edited complete.tpl in order forms but signups are not being tracked.[/bpfb_link]

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