How  to Install SSL HTML Website, learning is fun with us!

How Install SSL HTML – Today I converted a website from http:// to a https://. Installed a SSL certificate on it and then went ahead to see how I could accomplish this. I went online and did a search on How Install SSL HTML website and couldn’t find anything. So I went ahead and activated the SSL certificate on the web hosting account and just installed it on the domain site.

You would need to follow the process to accomplish this. Writing the process here so it is recorded and maybe someone can benefit from my experience. Plus it will stay here so next time I do it’ it will be here and I will just come back and do the steps again. This is not a process that I do often so that is why I could forget.

SSL HTML Process

Ok follow my steps here and you can also achieve this goal.
How Install SSL HTML:

Go ahead to your CPANEL and click the SSL/TLS

All your keys or SSL certificates are here, create them and install on the corresponding site.

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You basically need to install the certificate on your CPanel web hosting. Install it on the domain name and you’re all set.

Select the domain name you want to install.

SSL Certificate Implementation HTML Website

Install the certificate and you are all set and ready. Now you will need to wait a bit. Then just go ahead to your website and configure your site. A WordPress site you need to configure the admin control area where it says and need to modify your database and that should take care of everything. Plus some images you need to modify the https://. Sometimes you need to edit the images on the homepage.

I have had times that the entire website has that padlock except the homepage. This is because the home page images hasn’t been changed. You need to check all your images that has http:// and change to https://

Ok, now you have to go inside the domain name and do a redirect to https://. In needs to be a permanent redirection. Go ahead to the redirects and do it there on redirect the your website link with https://.

HTML Website Install SSL

We good so far? This is aimed at all HTML websites that need SSL certificates. If you don’t have a clue how to do it, just follow my steps. How to Install SSL HTML can be a real pain if you never done it before. We need to just use our heads to make this work. Requires time and some knowledge to get it done.

There you can see the website I did to become SSL verified. Go and check it out live on the web. The website I worked on is hosted with our cloud web hosting services. You will see how fast it moves.

When it completes and you are actually done with the work and a great job. Please see below!

Now you can check out our work. Click both links.

That one is without the https://

This one is with https://