WordPress Posts Fails what to do to fix the problems

When Disaster Strikes and WordPress Posts Fails

WordPress Posts Fails, I want to write about this topic here so it can stay on history, maybe one day might help me too. I hope it helps someone out there. Today I went to a website and tried to publish a WordPress post and it failed. The post failed to save and publish and never experienced such a problem before. I went ahead and did all kinds of updates and still failed to publish.

Sometimes we run into issues and problems that we have to diagnose and fix all types of issues. Owning a website and maintaining it can be very costly and hard work. Diagnosing the problem and fixing it can cost you a lot of time and frustrations. I wasted about one hour to find the problem and get it fixed. I also went online and read about what could be the problem.

Fix Posts WordPress Problems

Many times I also have to go on a search engine and type in problems and issues that someone out there has experienced. So I found a first and only website and read what other’s has done with such an issue. I will share this website because it helped me today with solving the issue. The issue was solved in less than 5 minutes just by reading this online. Thanks again WordPress blogs because that is where I found the problems and questions to my issue. I must say¬† that I had to remove the link here to WordPress.org because the help post does not exist anymore. What a bummer huh?

Sometimes it is good to give credits to others because that helps solving our issues and hopefully helps someone out there. When a WordPress Posts Fails; then you are not happy because that is how you express to the World Wide Web. Is a way to express what you are feeling or just news and updates to your visitors on your website.

All I had to do is go to the plugin section and look for a plugin and install and activate. This plugin is the old editor that it used to be in WordPress. Now is Gutenberg but for some reason there is a issue with my entire site. I think it might be my theme that I am using, it is not compatible with the new editor. You will need to inspect this Gutenberg editor if it plays nice with your WordPress theme and design.

Post Publishing Success

I write this because this is what happened to me today and would like to have it here recorded. Maybe one day I will have to come back to it? I hope this page also helps someone out there. The website that I had the issue today is sjmsigns.com. You should check it out, they do all types of signs in VA DC MD World Wide. Printing and graphic design services on this great website.

The WordPress Posts Fails is not good for any WordPress site, it always should be live and fully functional. If you need a professional website or fix and repair online website please contact me today.

WordPress Posts Fails

WordPress Website Services

Today is 7/22/20 and I would like to share that I have not had any issues like this. I had other website issues and I fixed them all. Sometimes with time and all updates new errors do appear. Then, we have to come in and fix all of them. It is unbelievable how many problems do exist on websites, but I am here to fix them all.

Let me know if you need any website design, fixing and repairing existing site’s, web hosting, SEO or any graphic design. I am here to help you out!