WHMCS How To Remove Web Hosting Account

WHMCS Remove Web Hosting Account

WHMCS Remove Web Hosting Account – It seems like this WHMCS is not a perfect platform. I had a account that I had two different web hosting accounts. When I clicked on any both accounts; I went to the same file or cPanel system. Was confused and had many different issues with a website there; really thought the issue was that I had the same destination for both accounts. Navigated inside the WHMCS and decided to terminate one account. Went ahead and terminated the account and I thought that well everything is going to be OK. It really was a bad experience that wow, I cant believe what it did.

It terminated both accounts at the same time. I had a full working functional important website on one of the accounts. I had two different website’s on it that also got deleted. It deleted everything including the database. I was very sad and upset that it removed everything. It didn’t remove just that one account, it removed both! This is not good cause if you have two different web hosting accounts inside; you would think it is two accounts. It seems like these two accounts were merged together. WHMCS Remove Web Hosting Account by accident but I fixed.

Database Very Important

I was looking to see if I had a database of it somewhere, I did not fine. If you have a database for a website then you can recreate everything how you previously had it. Luckily I found a old database that one of my security programs did about 4-5 months ago. I was happy I found it cause with this I can create the website back again. If the database is not found; then I would have to start from scratch. It is a good idea to create backups of your database weekly. Why? because all your new and updated content is there. If we install it back, then your website will be updated with today’s version. If is an old database; then your website will go back in time.

Diagnose and Fix

This is what happened to my site’s, I was lucky to create them back but I lost a lot of my work. Yes it went back 4-5 months; lost lots of work and time there. But, I am happy that I got them back in less than a day and they are back live now. It is not good for business because we rely on our online web presence. A website can be worth a lot of money, hard work and time. Just be careful when you have two different web hosting plans on one account. If you see them merged and directs you two the same cPanel and filing system; it means is just one account.

I want to share this with you because it is a pain and a lot of time hard work lost. Create website back ups, create back ups of your database, secure your site. I am a web hosting guru and provide web hosting for any person out there that needs one. I create website’s and graphic design, please contact me today if you are in need of these services. What happens when you loose your website? How are you going to get it back live? Do you have a plan when disaster happens?

Website Alive

Very important to back up everything, if not you will lose that important site you have. Or someone hacks it and damages your site? There are many different things that can happen. Word Press website with Database and security, very important to back it up. The website is xyzwebmatrix.com I managed to save. I lost some important pages and posts so I will need to create more and inspect. Create them back slowly to have it up there again. I am happy that I did not lose it completely. WHMCS Remove Web Hosting Account by error but I had to fix it.

This is my other site that I was going to lose. This one I lost a lot in appearance, I will have to work back on it. I will make my site to save the database every week now. This is very bad when we lose our work. All because you think other software or platforms are perfectly created. This is not the case with this platform I guess, I have to be more careful. I think that I did lost some other site’s there, I will have to see more closely and repair. We can repair them if I have all the tools available. Website services available here, we are able to repair your website’s if you have all intact files.

Recovered Website’s

This website that I was going to lose; is a sub domain website linked with xyzwebmatrix.com, the website is a sub domain website. The domain name is mapped so it points to sjmsigns.com. If you purchase a domain name we can map it and use a sub domain website. You are able to create your professional website inside of xyzwebmatrix.com and forget about all configurations. We do all the configs and you just create your site. I can design and create your site there too.

I will create another post for sub domain mapping on WordPress with a domain name and just the steps to use. It is a great option for a multi-site WordPress site.

WHMCS Remove Web Hosting Account – Contact me if you need a website or repairs. Sometimes we do experience and go through so many errors that we need to fix. One little code can ruin your entire website, that is why we are here for you. We can repair and fix your current website, diagnose and fix.